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ROC Ventures

ROC Ventures provides a platform where Companies, Investors and Universities unite to fund, back, pivot and engineer the success stories of tomorrow.   ROC Santa Monica is home to Venture Capital Firms, Angel Investors, and the Companies they invest in.   The highest level of collaboration is achieved in a workspace where academics, investors, and entrepreneurs meet on neutral ground in an open source environment where blue-sky ideas translate to capitalized Companies.

ROC Ventures acts as a connector providing a catalyst between angels and start-ups, venture capital firms and development stage companies and Universities with Technology Transfer projects.  Tech Coast Angels, the largest angel network in the US with over $180 Million in investments to date, will make all investments from ROC in 2013 with bi-monthly screenings.  These screenings are open to ROC member companies and the community at large through applying at  Every Angel organization is welcome to participate in the ROC Ventures Platform.

All Venture Capital Firms are invited to participate in the ROC Ventures Platform where Technology Transfer Development and Hackathons thrive in this Open Source Community Project.   By approaching the presentation of Technology Transfer and IP Monetization in a compelling manner or though the Hackathon, ROC Ventures will continue to uncover unique investing opportunities for the Venture Community offered in an open platform. 

ROC Ventures has closed the literal and perceived gap between innovators and investors by facilitating a workspace platform where they now work side by side.  It is an environment that is open to the community where all members partner equally to create the capitalized success stories of the future.