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Our People

Our staff is thoroughly experienced and trained in the shared office environment. Each member of our team is carefully selected based on their expertise and temperament. Intrinsically, knowing how to respectfully treat client members is of utmost importance for ROC employees. Some things just can't be taught! Conscious of the many hours clients spend in the office, our combined goal is to make this time as enjoyable and productive as can possibly be expected. This Zen-like calm can only be attained if the operation is relatively trouble free. Anticipating how to prevent issues before they happen comes from experience but also from a passion to do it better. That's what ROC staff is all about! Doing it better!! Come see for yourself how it's done better!

Newport Beach


Ron McElroy


Creaky elbows and rusty shoulder joints make it difficult for The Big Kahuna Ron McElroy to surf, let alone get through the line-up. Wave after wave pound Ron’s face, but a slight onset of dementia keeps him going. Meanwhile, Juniorboy, sitting on the beach, can’t keep the jokes flowing fast enough, “look braddah, he’s still wearing dah bus up kine rubbah slippas!”

Ron previously established himself as a proficient Commercial Real Estate Broker specializing in office properties throughout the greater John Wayne market from 1983 through 1992. During this period Ron represented landlords like The Irvine Company, Prudential Realty, and Koll Company as well as companies like Exxon, AST Research and Mobil Oil. After a short stint trading oil futures and firearms with Syrian confidants, Ron launched REMC-Real Estate Management Corporation. Over the next fifteen years Ron’s standard for Class A buildings and premier office environments, anchored with uncompromised service, set the industry bar to a new level. Ron successfully sold the fourteen sites encompassing over 1,000 companies to Synergy Workplaces, a Broadway Partners subsidiary based out of New York. 

Retired on the beaches of Hawaii and Mexico left Ron “plagued with thoughts of not doing enough,” he says in his book entitled Wrong Side of the Tracks ($12.95 for the book or $2.99 for the Kindle Edition, both on “Street smart and restless,” like most University of California, Santa Barbara graduates, Ron jumped back into the game and established ROC—where he finds joy, yet again, in working 14-hour days and having his employees call him Puanani, or Beautiful Flower. 


Amy Triscari

Chief Operating Officer

Amy brings a wealth of expertise to ROC with her extensive background in every facet of the Shared Office industry. Amy has served in a management capacity with two former prominent ROC competitor's—Carr-Workplaces and Synergy Workplaces. Both were based out of the East Coast with long histories in providing National coverage. Prior to that Amy worked her way up the ranks at a regional Shared Office power-house REMC.

Amy learned and excelled at every level in the Shared Office business until ultimately managing the most profitable centers at REMC. Amy's expertise in executing long term strategic plans while also maintaining a close touch to client needs is unsurpassed in our business. Currently, Amy is serving as the Chief Operating Officer for ROC and is tasked with laying the groundwork for our growing staff. Amy's influence since her presence at ROC is already noticeable—enthusiasm and focus are unmistakable trademarks when referring to Amy and what attributes immediately come to mind. We're proud to have Amy as the benchmark for all other employee's to strive to be.


Corrin Lurmann

Operations Manager

Corrin is a seasoned employee in the shared office environment. Formally employed with REMC- Real Estate Management Corporation, Corrin elevated her position over an eight year period to a prominent position with that firm. Setting the standard for administrative assistance she developed policies and procedures that became an integral part of the REMC service strategy.

Now, at ROC, Corrin is again at the forefront in the development of an entirely new progressive strategy to deliver service built from a foundation of social consciousness. Besides making sure that our environment conforms to a fresh inviting feel Corrin will systematically work to chip those rough tense corners, typical with high-powered business, into smooth collaborative ease. “Let’s kill it! Not you!” is Corrin’s motto. Anticipating the needs and wants of our clients and handling them ahead of time is half the battle to making a smooth efficient environment. That’s what Corrin knows from years of doing it right…


Courtney Guthridge

Member Specialist

Courtney Guthridge grew up in Orange County with her three brothers and parents. She attended Mater Dei High School and left California to attend Southern Methodist University in Dallas. There she studied abroad in Spain and received her bachelors in psychology.

Her biggest passion is traveling. She believes that what you learn while traveling can not be taught. Ms.Guthridge worked as a server in college so that she could spend her summers on backpacking trips. After graduating from SMU she moved to South Korea to teach English for a year. When she finished teaching she, of course, took her earnings and went on a ½ yearlong backpacking trip around South East Asia. Courtney is now back in the United States and enjoys exercising, music, beach, going to the movies, and watching sports, especially the 49ers. 

becky pic

Becky Beattie

Director of Marketing

With a technical biology degree AND a degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado at Boulder, we fear Becky Beattie may be selling stem cell secrets to the Decepticons. Becky’s keen ability to understand technical industries along with a unique marketing perspective landed her in some interesting positions. Becky’s professional career started as a National Distribution Sales Manager for cell biology products at SeraCare. This lead to her becoming the West Coast Cell Biology Specialist for Eppendorf where she played with human and animal cells under a microscope while growing her territory by an unprecedented 21%.

Following the above elementary studies, Becky joined Comprendia Bioscience Consulting Group as their Business Development Manager. In this role, Rebecca helped secure large accounts and grew the firm by over 40% within the first year. She also acted as co-manager for the San Diego Biotechnology Network (SDBN) which enjoys a membership of over 8,500 local biotech professionals.

As the Director of Marketing at ROC, Becky will be using her strategic sales and marketing skills to help build relationships, manage ROC’s website and direct all social media efforts.


Matty Johnson

Member Sales Manager

Hailing from the sunny shores of Orange County, Matty spent most of his early years underwater. His love for the ocean soon grew into a professional surfing career that would take him around the world. His experiences and education trotting the globe taught him the importance of blending the intellectual, the wondrous and the physical.

When Matty returned to land…. and reality, (much like a fish out of water), he floundered until he discovered his second natural talent, marketing and sales.

His mild manner and experience, along with a genuine desire to see our clients succeed make him a great addition to the ROC team.



Lindsey Raymond

Member Specialist

Lindsey Raymond was born and raised in Laguna Niguel, California and attended Dana Hills High School. After graduating, she couldn’t stand leaving the California coast and decided to continue her education at UC Santa Barbara. While taking on a full academic course load, Lindsey began working at various upscale clothing boutiques. This work experience sparked her interest in the customer service industry. But before she could pursue this career path any further, it was necessary for her to travel. After receiving her bachelor`s degree in Communication from UCSB, Lindsey delayed the real world for a bit with a backpacking trip throughout Europe. Now that she got her travel fix, Ms. Raymond is ready to take on the front desk at ROC Newport!

Newport Beach/Airport


Michelle Moore

Member Specialist

Michelle has lived in Southern California her entire life. It will shock you to know that she enjoys spending time at the beach whether it is lying out with friends or riding her bike down the boardwalk.  A second shocker is that she met her husband who, of course was a lifeguard, at the beach.

And we were shocked once again when she revealed that she attended California State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor's degree in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations.  Before coming to ROC she was working for Keller Williams Realty in Newport Beach as front desk/office administration. 

Of course she’s a Member Specialist at ROC NEWPORT BEACH!  What a shock!!

Laurens photo

Lauren Kelley

Operations Manager

If you see Lauren “running” by your office or through the hallways it’s because she is a fitness and competitive sports enthusiast.  She plays coed beach football on the weekends and basketball in the lobby at Newport Airport during the week.

Lauren was born and raised in Orange County and studied Business Communications at Cal State Long Beach.  She’s been a Sales Administrator and worked for Voit Real Estate for two years prior to joining ROC.

Lauren takes the advise of experts and eats small amounts about twelve times a day so if you ever feel like grazing on nuts or vegetables stop by the front desk at ROC Newport/Airport.

She can be found after hours on our pilates equipment training herself, staff, or clients.



Pat Ryan

Member Sales Manager

When he’s not studying hydrodynamics or measuring the pressure of waves barreling over him, Pat is likely making use of his degree in anthropology by lending a hand to Jane Goodall and giving names to the various chimpanzees roaming Newport Beach. Upon graduating from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Pat became a revered sales engineer in the tech industry. As an attentive listener and taskmaster, Pat has a keen ability to immediately spot an ocean monger and kindly direct them to the nearest competitor.  Pat will be leading a sales team in Newport Beach, developing relationships with strangers, and convincing novice athletes to join the big leagues with ROC. “My favorite part about working for ROC is the immeasurable amount of freedom I have to enmesh the company with communities and organizations in ways that are mutually beneficial.” After he finishes torturing aquatic life with his spear gun and skipping gleefully down the beach at sunset, Pat will happily return your phone call.

La Jolla

Karen bio pic.

Karen Mcintosh

Member Services

Karen graduated with a BA in Psychology from Georgia State University and a Masters in Social Work from Kennesaw State University.  Her passion is helping and understanding people, which is why she spent time volunteering with at-risk youth in Brazil and three years working with children with developmental disabilities. 

After 21 years of living in Georgia, this Southern Belle headed to Maui in search of beautiful beaches and warm weather.  In pursuit of a “serious” life and career, she has landed back on the Mainland to utilize her problem-solving and listening skills to create a friendly environment for all clients and staff.

Head Shot (5)

Mariana Torres

Member Specialist

A spa is a demanding atmosphere full of client requests, deionized water and honey-suckle scented face scrubs. Reverberating sounds of trickling water linger so long as they’re not absorbed into the Art Deco inspired concrete facades. With nearly ten years of working experience in the spa and hospitality industry, Mariana has become an expert in the field of customer care. An affair with the beaches of San Diego tore Mariana away from her hometown of Sacramento, but not before receiving her BA in communications from Cal State San Marcos. Tenant spats are kept to a minimum while Mariana is in the captain’s chair, as verbal resolution and interpersonal communication are a few of her strongest qualities. Mariana’s enthusiasm and positive attitude will serve her well as ROC La Jolla’s newest member!


Jennifer Flores

Member Specialist

Hailing from Phoenix, Arizona, Jennifer Flores began modeling for Quinceaneras Magazine at the age of 15. She continued modeling into her college career as she attended Arizona State University. When she was studying communications at ASU, Jennifer was awarded Dean`s List for three consecutive semesters. She then traded life in the deserts of Arizona for the beaches of San Diego. She was able to continue her career with Quinceaneras Magazine in California as an Event Coordinator. She organized fashion shows, mixers, and expos. This position also allowed her the rewarding opportunity to mentor and instruct runway classes for young girls. Jennifer still works for the magazine when needed but has taken her skills to the front desk at ROC San Diego.

Downtown San Diego

rebecca photo

Rebecca Romero

Regional Sales Manager

Rebecca started her career in the Serviced Office Industry when California was a territory. Taking the Wells Fargo to work was commuting, and smoke signals and telegraphs were the preferred hi-tech communication choices of the day. Back in the “them olden days” services included selling ammo, administering Doc Martin’s cure all snake oil, shining saddles and high noon gun fight networking mixers that included a box lunch. 

Involved in commercial real estate for over 20 years, Rebecca started with HQ Global Workplaces where she held the position of Center Sales Manager then Center General Manager. Proving herself as a leader in sales and customer service, Rebecca was promoted to the role of Area Sales Manager for the San Diego market.

Rebecca went on to work for REMC Executive Suites, where she assisted with sales in various centers and contributed to the opening of a new center. Her most recent position prior to joining ROC was Senior Director for Corporate Office Centers, a national firm where she was responsible for overseeing 7 California and Hawaii locations. During her 7- year tenure, she also served in the roles of General Manager for the Downtown San Diego location and as Marketing Director.

With well-rounded experience in sales, marketing, customer service and operations, as well as the ability to wrangle and hog-tie livestock, Rebecca brings to ROC her focus and dedication to providing ROC clients a positive office experience with the goal of contributing to ROC client’s success. 


Angelica Nelson

Member Specialist

High school teachers are renowned for being strict disciplinarians, impatient educators and tattle-tales. Cheating will land you in the hot seat with bathroom privileges reduced, and lunchtime fun will be spent hovering over yesterday’s homework. Successfully completing her liberal studies degree from Sonoma State, Angelica brings to ROC the efficiency of a Kendal-Jackson production line. Prior to joining ROC, Angelica was a high school math, biology and chemistry teacher. Maintaining the attention of cross-eyed, Adderall-driven 17 year olds is no easy task. But with a stern fist and quick slap of her ruler Angelica churned out Einsteins like Model-T’s out of a Henry Ford factory. Angelica enjoys a good game of pick-up basketball, but watch out for high-flying elbows and deadly three-pointers. ROC is excited to have Angelica on board as her competitive nature and good-hearted team spirit produce great comradery between staff and clientele, alike. 


Elyse Wilford

Member Specialist

Growing up in the San Diego area, Elyse Wilford attended Chula Vista High School where she participated in show choir and dance. This not only provided her with a creative outlet, but also enabled her to travel throughout California, New York, and Florida to perform. Elyse began working in customer service roles at both Starbucks and Levi Strauss & Co. while attending San Diego City College. There she earned her A.A. in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on Behavioral and Social Sciences. Miss Wilford then transferred to UC Berkeley to complete her B.A. in Media Studies. While studying, she worked as a receptionist at both the Bancroft Library and The Magnes Museum of Jewish Art and Life. After graduating from Berkeley, Elyse returned to southern California where she enjoys music, fashion, cooking, and traveling. You can now find Miss Wilford at the front desk at ROC San Diego!

Santa Monica


Bonnie Baker

Member Services

Bonnie was born and raised in Houston, Texas. No “twang” in her accent but she knows about southern hospitality, always making sure to greet people with warmth and a smile. Bonnie moved to San Diego to escape the heat and further her education in one of the most beautiful coastal settings in the US. Coming into her 5th year here in San Diego, she just finished her Undergraduate degree at San Diego State University. With a major in Communication and a minor in Psychology, Bonnie has acquired the skills and know-how to work well with people, using her keen understanding of how people operate on a deeper level to maintain a positive costumer relationship with our ROC clients.

Alyssa Odam

Alyssa Oldham

Member Specialist

Alyssa grew up in Orange County with her two sisters, dog, and parents. She attended Mater Dei High School and played soccer and ran track all four years. Earning a scholarship for soccer at UCSB, she played soccer all four years while maintaining a high GPA. At UCSB, she studied communications and minored in sports management.

After Alyssa graduated from UCSB, she interned at an entertainment PR firm in Hollywood for the summer. She then worked as a production assistant for the television show, The Client List. Her passions include hanging out with her family and friends, going to the beach, shopping, exercising, playing sports and enjoying a good movie with chocolate. 


Kaely McClellan

Sales Manager

Growing up with two loving parents, a devoted younger brother and a golden lab puppy behind a white picket fence in Orange County is not what you’d expect from our newest sales ROC Star who’s filling up ROC Santa Monica before offices even get built.

Kaely obviously did well studying communications at UCSB.  She moved to LA to work in entertainment at FOX Sports.

Except for a weird obsession with French bull dogs and a passion for digging through dark chocolate while watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (or Orange County) she’s pretty near a perfect addition to ROC. 

Head Shot (8)

Walter Grieves

Community Integration and Business Development

Walter W. Grieves has extensive experience in the finance and corporate sectors amassed over the last 17 years.  Upon completing his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, Walter went to work for Research Magazine/Multex Data Group where he managed the International Investor Relations Division.  Mr. Grieves then went to work for Morgan Stanley spending time between the Wailuku Maui Branch and the World Trade Center location in New York City.  Further looking to expand his experience in the securities industry, Mr. Grieves partnered with a group of Securities Attorneys structuring, capitalizing and restructuring small publicly traded companies.  Over the next 5 years he served as President of several Public companies including Cambridge Capital, US West Homes, and DMT Energy.  Over the last 7 years, Mr. Grieves specialized in capitalization, corporate structure, restructure, revenue expansion and assistance in exit strategy to many small to medium sized private companies.  Mr. Grieves is pleased to serve ROC integrating corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and professional organizations into the largest open source workspace solution in the greater Los Angeles area.  


Nicholas Mason


Born and raised in a small, yet bustling city of gangsters and money-laundering schemers, Nicholas brings a wrath of unlearned knowledge and precision-less direction to ROC. Brought into this disorderly world by an Armenian father and his Dutch mistress, Nicholas has gone to great lengths to get where he is today. Before becoming interested in the physics of real estate development, Nicholas spent his time crunching bloated math equations and reading picture books at the University of California. Being so well learned and accompanied by a thick head of hair help Nicholas survive the harshest of Southern California winters.

Throughout college, Nicholas absorbed extensive knowledge (alcohol) by engaging in internships and school-related activities. “My first real work experience was with a company called White Stone Research, where I assisted in the development of lifecycle cost forecasting tools and drank an excessive amount of coffee.” While competing in triathlons, Nicholas doggy-paddles his way through the swim, moves forward on his bicycle and skips his way to the finish line.

Spearheading the development of ROC Santa Monica, Nicholas plans to create an all-encompassing environment where he and his team will capitalize on every opportunity that walks through the door. 

Head Shot (3)

Cameron McElroy

Environmental Integration

Having spent the last year in Maui applying sustainable practices on a local level, Cameron developed a unique shoveling technique and now competes actively in the Husky Gardens Hole Digging circuit. The University of California, Santa Barbara awarded Cameron a B.S. degree in Environmental Studies in 2011. Upon graduation, Cameron conducted a campus-wide energy audit where he mapped the electrical and gas consumption to help understand how to reduce university inefficiencies. His past work experience with REMC—a commercial office space company—provided him a rare opportunity to learn operations and managerial techniques from industry experts. Cameron’s familiarity with office space environs and B.S. degree landed him the job at ROC. When he’s not touring the country wearing his John Deere trucker hat, Cameron is focused on helping ROC cultivate new activity related to clean and green technologies.