Leadership or Luck

Being a leader is an important skill that plays an invaluable role in society and defines us. You are either a leader, or meant to be lead. Neither good nor bad, there is significance in the working accord of Indians and Chiefs. We can all understand that the job of President of the United States is not for everyone and takes more gumption than most people possess. Not everyone desires a high pressure role in leadership, but have you noticed that some individuals thrive amidst the tension, pace and pressure, making it all seem effortless. The most enviable trait of a successful leader is the way things seem to always “work out” in their favor or they seem plain lucky. This portrayal is a myth; leaders often tactically plan their desired outcome in every situation, thus creating their own reality, complete with Plans B through Z. There are certain qualities of a leader that we all have within us and perhaps need to nurture a little in order to bring about our own desired outcomes.

The definition of leadership is defined as having the ability to direct a group, and having direction, sway and stewardship. When thinking of a typical leader, the marriage of confidence and likability form a perfect union. Always exuding faithfulness to a goal, living transparently and making relationships a top priority sets an example for others. By not angling or jockeying a position, but being genuine to others needs shows that your motives are not questionable and you are trustworthy, which results in people wanting to help. Managing stress levels and negative thoughts takes a concerted effort, part of averting the anxiety and pessimism that creeps into our minds when responsibilities multiply requires energy management or conservation. Saying “no”, or not over promising is a sign of strength and shows that value is more important than volume to you. Accepting and adapting to factors that you can and cannot change shows the acrobatic and limber abilities of a successful leader. Adopting a mantra that “things always work out” is not a passive prayer, but a passionate commandment.

Getting people to like you, follow you, and believe in your strengths is something that only you can project. Popularity amongst peers quite often is simply making people believe you like them first. We all realize, even the President, it is impossible to please everyone all the time, but in all relationships business or personal you can focus your energies on key people that make or may make a difference. By spreading yourself to thin or over booking commitments you are paving the path of burnout. Having humor is similar to being likable and is sometimes a talent you are born with. Being knowledgeable about a subject makes a great impression, but using humor makes a lasting memory and alleviates stress. Smiling genuinely and making eye contact are physical signals you can work on.

In the office, the functions of managers are necessary evils in maintaining checks and balances. Managing takes coordination, leadership elicits cooperation. As noted by the famed Peter Drucker, “management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.” By focusing on the core strengths of leadership, confidence and likability driven by persistence and purpose anyone can make their own luck.

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