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Digital Media

"Digital Content is the software of Los Angeles"

Movies, Video and Digital Content are the software of Los Angeles.  This is the home of the creatives, the dreamers and still the place where anyone can make it.  ROC supports these dreams and the realities they become creating the Digital Media that fills the vast spectrum of delivery platforms with art.  DIgital Media is technology and the traditional differentiating lines between the two have been blended into one.  

ROC has designed our Santa Monica location with Digital Media in mind, as more than 25 percent of our current member companies are from that sector.  We listened to the DIgital Media members and created our second floor to feature a screening room with seating for 50, available bandwidth speeds up to 10 gigs up and 10 gigs down, and a dedicated Digital Media Lab.  The Digital Media Lab will be coming online in Q1 of 2013 including a Green Screen, editing bays, and and other production capacity.  ROC's model as an "Open Source Shared Workspace" means that the Digital Media Companies that are currently ROC members and those from the surrounding community are shaping the evolution of our ROC Platform.