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Collaborative Workspace

ROC’s Collaborative Workspace,consists of an open-source work environment office space design. Utilization of this space is ideal for collaborative endeavors and projects.This collaborative workspace platform is for our members to connect, share, and network by tapping into a pool of highly skilled, creative, entrepreneurs and professionals that make up ROC's clientele. Unique to ROC's various locations are the educational, social, and special events focused on the promotion and growth of entrepreneurship and eco-friendly business practices, as well as networking and access to Angel Investors.

Real Office Centers is an industry-leader in shared office space and eco-friendly office centers, by providing more than just an office with four walls ROC has laid the foundation for the success and growth of it's clientele. The niche of ROC is in creating socially dynamic and thriving environments that are both engaging and productive for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. We built this environment so you can build your business!

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