How to make your pitch deck stand out to investors

ROC’s Startup Clinic is a panel based, interactive educational series with top representatives from industry leaders. Members can expect to learn and participate in a monthly panel discussion focussed on topics that will help you navigate the tricky startup... read more

Kaleo Colors Co-working

  Wi-fi should be accessible (and free) everywhere. Charging stations should not require you to be chained to the wall. We should all be fully connected and fully charged, all of the time, without being confined or tethered. Always on top of the innovation curve,... read more

Look what’s blossoming in Irvine

  As another sweltering summer begins, California’s devastating drought remains a prominent issue affecting lawmakers and residents alike. Blossom, a California-based company located in ROC’s Irvine office at The Vine, is striving to take water conservation... read more

Three Awesome “F” Words: Free, Food, Friday!

ROC has been busy bursting its seams in response to the demand for flexible and affordable office space suited specifically for the prosperous population growth of todays entrepreneurial needs. The way we work in a global and mobile society has changed, so has... read more

ROC Office Hours

  ROC Santa Monica has an overwhelming list of successful companies that occupy our space. From tech start ups to lawyers, financial advisors to web developers – you name it and you can find a company here to help you with your needs. We are helping your... read more

A Meeting of the Minds

Q: What does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street? A: It gives a brain wave. This joke may not have you ROTFL but it is literally what happened when two strangers who happened to be using the office space available at ROC Santa Monica last year began... read more

Healthy, Happy and Productive

Having your office in Santa Monica, California, is an obvious statement that you most likely care about your health, that you are active, and that you care about your community. You probably bike to work. ROC Santa Monica fully supports this unique and diverse group... read more

Zingy…Dog’s New Best Friend

Pursuing your passion as a career requires your complete devotion and a lot of time, but labors of love ultimately do return the investment. Likewise our pets require the same devotion and time of us, but they return our investment immediately. Especially our dogs who... read more

BuddyTruk…Changing the Way We Move

No one likes moving. The pain of having to deal with heavy lifting, talking your friends into helping you out over the weekend, renting a Uhaul, then unloading. Why not just have someone do it for you quick and convieniently without the man labor and the additional... read more

Korean Tech & Singapore’s Meritocracy: Worth the Investment

Have you heard about the tech start-up scene in Korea? Southeast Asia in general has seen tremendous growth in this sector. At the top of that list with both growth and production is the beautiful country Singapore, which many professionals already know is not only a... read more