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  • There are more than 1,800 video TED talks online


    By: Tonya O'Dell


Did you ever wonder why autobiographies and biographies of inspiring, challenged and successful leaders are consistently best sellers?

Entrepreneurs, politicians, and even celebrities as authors connect readers with that person, untouchable as they may seem. Getting a sneak peek into the mind and personal life of the authors is often fascinating, but often we do not get the opportunity to ask questions in person of the author, by attending the upcoming Dinner Series with Ron McElroy you will get that chance! Limited spots are still available and those is just $25. To attend this private event register right away with Adventures by the Book. 

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    By: Becky Beattie

At ROC we are all about collaboration, education and social evolution. Learning about MOOC got us excited...and we think you’ll be excited too. If you aren’t already familiar with this term, MOOC stands for (Massive Open Online Courses) and quite’s amazing.  The goal of these courses is to provide open on-line access with unlimited participation. This unique form of education started to emerge in 2012 and has grown to be a world-wide force.

There’s a massive list of these massive on-line courses but one of the more impressive online organizations is Coursera. There are 400+ classes to choose from, taught by top university professors...and it’s free, yes free! So you didn’t get into Yale (I didn’t either)...well, now you can take Yale classes, on your own schedule, for free (Constitutional Law, Roman Architecture, Moralities of Everyday Life or Financial Markets) to name a few. And, many of these programs offer certificates...move over Big Bird color project, Mommy has something new to put on the fridge, yeah a YALE certificate! 

There are so many to choose from but there's an upcoming course that we especially like called Social Entrepreneurship  (course runs September 3rd - December 31st). In this course the participants will be asked to identify opportunities to create social change, build a business model, develop a plan and at the end there’s a possibility to get funded! This is where we thought of YOU! The ROC community is full of agents of change...innovators with the new business rules in mind. Check it out, sign up and we'll be your cheering section...all the way to the funding stage. 

And by the way…ROC loves education so much that there just…might... be a ROC'in University in the future. We'll keep you posted!

    By: Tonya O'Dell

    By: Tonya O'Dell