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Now is your chance for a mid-week getaway to Rio at ROC, if you have not had a chance to attend a TED talk yet, now is your chance to attend the TED Global LIVE Stream from Rio right from the comfortable convenience of ROC Newport/Airport this Wednesday (October 8th) from 12pm (noon) until 2pm, and it’s completely free!

This Wednesday in Rio, TED Global will be featuring an elite and eclectic panel of speakers  (6 during this session) who will be focusing their discussion(s) on the topic of “Empowering Tech”. Streaming live from ROC in Newport this new segment is your chance to taste test the platter of mental nourishment curated by the renowned TED organization at no cost (personal day passes to attend a LIVE stream normally cost $200).

This very limited offer to attend the live stream of TED Global from ROC in Newport will only be available to the first fifty (50) registrants for this midweek motivational colloquium, therefore we encourage to reserve your space immediately. If you are interested in learning  more information about the TED organization, TEDx and TED Global, ROC covered the basics of this subject in a recent post entitled “The Garden of TED”, which is a great place to become more familiar with the TED platform and what the organization is about.

TED Global celebrates human ingenuity by exploring ideas, innovation and creativity from all around the world.”

Guest speakers scheduled for the upcoming TED Global in Rio on Wednesday include the following smorgasbord of technical talents;

Rodrigo Baggio-Digital Inclusionist

Bruno Torturra-Livestreaming Activist

Steve Song-Telecommunications Activist

Syed Karim-Internet Datacaster

Ana Tijoux-Singer/Songwriter

Miguel Nicolelis-Neuroscientist

The full line-up of speakers and detailed event schedule for TED Global 2014 "South" in Rio at none other than the Copacabana Palace Hotel is listed on the TED Global "South" is linked here and on the official event site. 

Feature image By Cafezinho (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons. 

View of Rio de Janeiro and Guanabara Bay from Corcovado Mountain.
    By: Tonya O'Dell

Amazon Web Services offers a broad set of global computing, data storage, database, applications, analytics and various deployment services that enable organizations to move faster, lower IT costs, and scale applications.

·         Trade capital expense for variable expense.

·         Benefit from massive economies of scale.

·         Stop guessing the total capacity.

·         Increase the speed, agility and performance.

·         Go global in minutes with ease and simplicity.

In simplest and broadest terminology Amazon Web Services provides a simple way to access, manage (and much more) storage(s) of information, databases and data, and offer a broad set of application services via the Internet.

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ROC is Energy (un)cubed

 According to WikipediaHenry Ford cannot be credited alone with his perfecting of the assembly line process taking “7 years and plenty of intelligent men” to accomplish. This proves that even 100 years ago our capitalistic enterprise requires collaboration and teamwork, as well as a space for the pursuit of passion. 

ROC Engage Exchange Evolve 4 from Brett McElroy on Vimeo.

Why is ROC (un)cubed?

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  • There are more than 1,800 video TED talks online


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Did you ever wonder why autobiographies and biographies of inspiring, challenged and successful leaders are consistently best sellers?

Entrepreneurs, politicians, and even celebrities as authors connect readers with that person, untouchable as they may seem. Getting a sneak peek into the mind and personal life of the authors is often fascinating, but often we do not get the opportunity to ask questions in person of the author, by attending the upcoming Dinner Series with Ron McElroy you will get that chance! Limited spots are still available and those is just $25. To attend this private event register right away with Adventures by the Book. 

Feature image By The White House from Washington, DC (P022510PS-0748) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.