How do you know if The Price is Right?

You’ve done all that you can do to get your start-up started. You’ve done more than you’re due diligence by meticulously researching your closest competitors and potential customers, how they differ and how you’re product or service is superior. You’ve set yourself above all potential competitors by positioning yourself and becoming an expert on your service (or product) yet the competition keeps coming up and nipping at your heels. Just keeping your start-up afloat requires you to dip into your savings or scrounge up your saved pocket change to take to a Coinstar machine and you’re wondering if you and your partners will ever realize a profit, maybe the principle problem is your pricing. Even Disneyland has a problem of getting pricing right, believe it or not. This simple and all too common corporate conundrum is one of the first principles taught in Economics, it is the magic formula between supply and demand. Finding that fulcrum isn’t easy. Just today Disneyland Parks announced a new pricing system for annual passes which will deal with their problem of over-crowding on high attendance days. Just like the airlines, hotels and with Uber, money talks. As adeptly noted by Peep Laja in an article for ConversionXL, “People are weird and irrational and there’s much we (still) don’t understand. Like why do shoppers moving in a counterclockwise direction spend on average $2.00 more at the supermarket?” Laja also has cited a study from Cornell back in 2009 which observed that the simple act of omitting the dollar sign increases sales. Should you have also studied some psychology in the R & D process... read more

Top 3 Considerations for Office Relocation

The space your company works out of is representative of your culture, reputation and future. The perfect office can be a huge asset in both luring top-flight clients and recruiting the best employees. Next time you are in the market for a new home for your business, make sure not to overlook any of the following critical considerations.

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One Wired Week On Tap & You’re Invited

ROC @ The Vine in Irvine just announced an entire week devoted to you, and people like you that have invested in themselves and their future and are ready for some payback and progress, ideally in one convenient location. Hatchwork Presents Coworking & ColdBrews at ROC Irvine during the week of Monday August 24th through Friday August 28th  where every single day there is a new motivation, a new breakthrough, a new reason to grind out what you love to do in an open sourced co-working environment at the right price. Oh, did I forget to mention this is all free?! Coworking & Coldbrews by Hatchwork is being fueled in conjunction with ROC and the super buzzing Stumptown Coffee Roasters. The free Coworking &Coldbrews Event kicks off at 8am Monday morning  (Aug. 24th)  and will accommodate Open Coworking everyday through Friday (Aug. 28th). Each day there will be free coldbrewed coffee, plenty of delicious refueling food options onsite and a Happy Hour on Thursday at 3pm (California standard time for Happy Hour) with a wine a beer bar and plenty of opportunities to commix, comingle and collaborate with other brilliant and beautiful people like you!  If you are even slightly curious about ROC, the Coworking environment and the latest buzz around the tech scene, this is a perfect opportunity to stop in and take a sip, you’ll be hooked on more than the coffee. If you are familiar with all of the above then we look forward to seeing you there! On Wednesday evening as part of the Hatchwork Coworking & Coldbrews weeklong event there will be a special presentation sponsored... read more

Irvine’s ROC’ing Outdoor Patio

The ROC Irvine team is excited to announce the completion of The Vine’s new outdoor patio and gardens. After months of design, construction and hopeful anticipation, the Irvine Company has created a picturesque urban oasis for tenants and guests of 5151 California Ave. Boasting an impressive list of amenities, the new outdoor event park offers something for every guest. The area has more than 15 tables with 60 seats, 8 lounge chairs, 2 barbeques, a large fire pit, a new bike rack, outdoor sound system, and after-hours lighting. Guests will also appreciate a variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs growing among four large planters. Plus, with high-speed Wi-Fi provided by the Irvine Company, you’ll never have to waste a beautiful day working indoors. With two large roll-up garage doors connecting ROC’s co-working space to the patio, members can easily access the outdoor space or enjoy a light breeze and beautiful view from inside. ROC’s existing 1,200 square foot indoor event space can now be combined with the 8,000 square foot outdoor patio to create a large venue for private parties for events. Whether you are hosting a meeting for 30, a class of 75, or a party for 800, ROC can accommodate your requirement. The indoor and outdoor event spaces can be used individually or together to configure layouts for theater-style events, lectures, hack-a-thons, company parties, social mixers and much more. To host your next event at ROC, please contact Ali Blum at or give us a call at (949)... read more

How to make your pitch deck stand out to investors

ROC’s Startup Clinic is a panel based, interactive educational series with top representatives from industry leaders. Members can expect to learn and participate in a monthly panel discussion focussed on topics that will help you navigate the tricky startup world and avoid common mistakes. Real stories, real tips for real... read more

Kaleo Colors Co-working

  Wi-fi should be accessible (and free) everywhere. Charging stations should not require you to be chained to the wall. We should all be fully connected and fully charged, all of the time, without being confined or tethered. Always on top of the innovation curve, ROC has just installed a Wireless Charging feature, in the form of art, more specifically art by Kaleo in the newly unveiled a large wall mural at ROC@TheVineOC , this is the 4th ROC location to be christened with his artistic and charged touch. “Power, dynamism, inspiration, conversation, hatching the chrysalis of brilliant ideas and breakthroughs, freedom of thought ” are all included themes in the latest mural called “Science, Power, Pop” Kaleo told me in a recent conversation about his colorful artistic endeavors. Coming from a prismatic background himself, rooted with Hawaiian elementalism, Kaleo’s art is striking, full of energy, and the first of its kind to meld a rebellious free form, like street art, inside corporate America with a modernized, intelligent juxtapositioning. A smart art he hopes will resonate as both timelessly relevant and endlessly inspirational. See Kaleo in action and creating in this video! “With color one obtains an energy that seems to stem from witchcraft.” Henri Matisse ROC first commissioned Kaleo to feature selections from his highly recognizable and popular “Positive Pop” collection which feature soda labels re-invented with positive messages such as “Enjoy Consciousness” (Coca-Cola), “Mediate Daily” (Mountain Dew) and “7 billion of Us” (7 Up). After more than 20 surfaces (tables and desks) were installed in Santa Monica and Irvine, Kaleo and the ROC CEO, Ron McElroy, were... read more

Look what’s blossoming in Irvine

  As another sweltering summer begins, California’s devastating drought remains a prominent issue affecting lawmakers and residents alike. Blossom, a California-based company located in ROC’s Irvine office at The Vine, is striving to take water conservation worries off the minds of homeowners and into their smart phone or tablet. With the idea that a smart sprinkler system could provide a simple and economical solution to irrigation water waste, the Blossom Smart Sprinkler Controller extends the benefits of home automation outside to the yard. Blossom’s smart watering system utilizes real-time weather intelligence to calculate actual water demand. The Blossom controller utilizes that data to adjust the watering schedule on a daily basis and optimize the irrigation system that manages homeowners’ existing sprinklers. The system also leverages the power of cloud computing to let users easily monitor and control the watering of their garden from a smartphone, tablet, or computer. With a group of bright thinkers from some of the world’s most powerful brands, including Skype, Vizio, Microsoft, Linksys and Cisco, founder and CEO Manrique Brenes has established an impressive team. “We have an interesting combination of consumer electronics experience, cloud based services, and I come with the experience in the field of irrigation,” Brenes explained in an interview with When asked about Blossom’s approach into the irrigation and home automation market, Brenes responded: “We realized that there were over 40 million homes in the U.S. Who have a pressurized irrigation system. The average household in the Southwest US spends over $100 a month in water, with fifty percent of that spent outside the house, mostly on irrigation. Almost half... read more

Three Awesome “F” Words: Free, Food, Friday!

ROC has been busy bursting its seams in response to the demand for flexible and affordable office space suited specifically for the prosperous population growth of todays entrepreneurial needs. The way we work in a global and mobile society has changed, so has professional office space. ROC has been at the leading edge of these new updated demands and continues to go further making the act of “going to the office” a perk in itself. Entrepreneurial and start-up professional focused events, special (elite) opportunities, educational seminars, networking and promotional opportunities are all passionately promoted and available at each of ROC’s six (and growing) locations. Going a step further (since many corporate office centers have modeled their latest renovations after ROC’s success), Real Office Centers also nourishes its clients physical well-being with weekly treats such as juicing days and Free Lunch Friday’s which is actually an independent global organization dedicated to feeding the minds and bellies of entrepreneurs along with a stimulating topic discussed and presented by an expert in a specific field. Free Lunch Fridays have kept the schedule of these events both concise and consistent since the inception of the program, serving food and beverages first, and then commencing with an expert discussion which lasts no more than 20 minutes. Taking a cue from TED talks, our attention spans have decreased, our free time has decreased, but most of us have the time for a free meal (and a beer on a Friday afternoon), if not, making time should be your first priority this week! (ROC-Santa Monica) On Friday April 24th Jill Brown, the Queen of Royally Awesome... read more

ROC Office Hours

  ROC Santa Monica has an overwhelming list of successful companies that occupy our space. From tech start ups to lawyers, financial advisors to web developers – you name it and you can find a company here to help you with your needs. We are helping your business learn more about the companies within our building by hosting “Office Hours” every 3rd Thursday of the month. ROC Santa Monica has partnered with tempCFO, Shepard Mullen, High Pressure Zone and Silicon Valley Bank to bring the experts to you for any questions you may have and to discuss a specific topic each month. Every 3rd Thursday, these influential companies are offering their services for FREE for 2 hours. Come prepared to ask them anything! The panel will give a quick presentation and offer a free consultation over drinks and food. Just another perk of working at ROC! Join us in the second floor boardroom from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. to network, eat and consult with these companies. ROC... read more

A Meeting of the Minds

Q: What does a brain do when it sees a friend across the street? A: It gives a brain wave. This joke may not have you ROTFL but it is literally what happened when two strangers who happened to be using the office space available at ROC Santa Monica last year began talking about the brain, brain science and tapping our unused potential. Reading and understanding each others (or our own) brain waves is a key component in life and in business. Meet Garrett Ruhland, a graduate from Duke in Neurochemistry and he is hyper stimulated by what he knows (and has learned) about getting the most from this evolving organ and applying updates for our modern world. Much attention has been given recently to the brain and understanding this complex organ that seems to control us and everything we do. In the last four years funding and priority has been given to this research under President Obama’s “BRAIN Initiative” putting these complex cortexes under the microscope. Those two former strangers who shared a mutual interest, co-habitants of ROC, translated this meeting of the minds into becoming the co-founders of a new company called ModernAlkaMe. Garrett and Bryan have their sensors on the pulse and have developed an evolving system of their own to upgrade our brains function and put the ultimate control back into the rational realm and tap into our ultimate potential. ModernAlkaMe evolved as a passion project when Garrett and Bryan first met working for different entities both using office space at ROC Santa Monica. An inspiring, “supportive and desirable environment” which provided the fertile soil... read more