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Sustainable Business Model

At ecoROC-Real Office Centers-we have taken the definition of Sustainability, along with the Triple Bottom Line, (people, planet, profit) and embedded it right into our business model. We pay close attention to each aspect of our environment so we can offer our members a sustainable workplace. Here are some examples of how we do this.


ecoROC promotes a healthy workplace through a relaxed atmosphere and open spaces installing side light windows in most of our interior and exterior offices to enhance natural light.  We take the edge of your workday by providing the following services:

  • Tenant Breakfasts
  • Chair Massage Tuesdays
  • Office-wide raffles
  • Weekly car wash and dry cleaning services
  • Wine mixers and “after hours Happy Hour”
  • Social Events
  • ecoROC buys local products to support our communities


ecoROC implements sustainable efforts in design, operation, and maintenance in each of our locations.  These include:

  • Energy Star rated buildings and appliances
  • Mixed Recycling programs, including organic waste recyclng
  • Light sensors in every room coupled with efficient lighting technology
  • DIRTT recycled modular offices
  • Buying local products from local communities
  • Efficient water-saving technology such as waterless urinals
  • Alternative transportation opportunities, such as bicycles
  • 2 locations (ROC SD and ROC La Jolla) are undergoing Leed Certifications


Economic benefits become the product of embedding environmental stewardship and community involvement.

  • Opportunities for collaboration among a variety of businesses
  • Monetary benefits through efficient technology/ increased productivity
  • Increase revenue and market share by meeting the increasing demand for green, healthy and responsibly sourced products and services
  • Meet rising expectations from investors and other stakeholders for disclosure and transparency on sustainability issues
  • Use sustainability as a tool to attract and retain talent
  • Strengthen reputation and brand value by improving performance of products and ser vices